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              Preventive Maintenance

              What is preventive maintenance? Preventive maintenance is a system that minimizes downtime. This is done by performing repairs and maintenance on an ongoing basis and not just when needed immediately. Ongoing maintenance can prevent major costly repairs and can make equipment run efficiently.

              How can preventive maintenance become predictive maintenance? Preventive maintenance becomes predictive when AI becomes a part of the maintenance program.

              Data mining can make machine maintenance a predictive exercise rather than a reactive one. With AI, this can be done without manual analysis of large volumes of data. It can allow manufacturing lines to pivot quickly. Data is collected and operators can then view results and make changes quickly to eliminate downtime .

              Reduced Inspection Times

              With Industry 4.0, expectations for product quality are higher than ever before. Without AI, quality inspections are conducted manually by humans which creates a margin of error. AI offers assisted vision capabilities for humans. This AI vision helps increase the speed and accuracy of product inspections. This leads to a better product going out to customers.

              Workflow Automation and Adaptive Systems

              Automating aspects of operational workflow is made possible by artificial intelligence. AI is used to operate machinery, but also to track important data regarding machinery. Having up to the minute data helps systems adjust and pivot quickly. It allows manufacturing operations to adjust to changing buying patterns and adapt quickly for customer needs.

              There are many ways that AI benefits manufacturing. As technology continues to progress, AI will grow even more critical to manufacturing operations in the years to come.




              手 機:18925189619 (In Mandarin, Cantonese & English)

              電 話:020-31190575

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